A selection of the biggest and best Symphoneers projects.

Cold Wind Blowing

Symphoneers played a key role in bringing CyberCraft Video Production's latest feature film Cold Wind Blowing to life, handling the location sound, re-recording mix, and all original music. It's currently touring festivals around the world.  

Haxx Deadroom

One of CyberCraft Video's most ambitious short films, Haxx Deadroom's grim homage to the 80's features an award winning Symphoneers soundtrack.


Dionne Copland's seductively visceral horror short Inferno lit up festivals throughout 2016, thanks in no small part to the original score by Symphoneers. 


Joshua Gratton's debut feature film Cuties features a slew of Symphoneers originals.

Computer Hearts

The first film to ever feature an original Symphoneers score & mix. While the quality of the work is notably dated, it still deserves a mention on this list for its sheer unbridled bizarreness